I will write you ads, emails, and sales copy... that connects and Convert

Do you feel you have an amazing product/service… but still, you are losing business to your competitors?

It’s NOT luck or karma… but anyone with a proper marketing strategy can attract, influence, and convert normal visitors into loyal fans


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Years of Experience


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My Superpowers!!

I help you create profitable marketing campaigns through...


Rather than shooting arrows in the dark, I carefully craft ads based on data, so that it speaks to your target audience and produce the highest ROAS. Including, Video, Image, and carousel ads (plus the ad copy)


In order to get the highest ROI from your emails, your subscribers must open and read them (regularly). That’s why I use storytelling to write personalized emails that gets opened and gets clicked

Sales Page

Unlike a normal landing page, a sales page is a strategically written piece of copy, whose primary job is to bring sales from a particular target audience. You are currently seeing an example of a sales page.

I don’t, and I will NEVER… sell you false promises

One of the biggest frustrations most entrepreneurs face is the consequence of wrong hiring.

Be it an agency or an individual. They promise you a world of moonshines (e.g. increased Leads, Customers, and ROAS)… but when you really start working with them… you realize they are just a bunch of amateurs, who have no idea what they are doing.

As a result…

  • You lose money
  • But most importantly… you lose your precious time.

That’s why I am telling you the truth right away…  I can’t (in fact no one can) guarantee that my copy will start producing results from Day 1.

It might give you results… it might not.

However… if a copywriter is unable to generate conversions and profits within 3 months… then you have every right to hold them accountable (Yes, I am asking you to hold a gun on my head, if I don’t produce results within 3 months).

Because 3 months is more than enough to create profitable strategies and finalize copies that actually bring conversions.

Look my friend… even if you have the slightest desire to work with me… I want you to make an informed decision.

That’s why… on this particular sales page, not only I am sharing my portfolio (as proof of my work)… but also my entire copywriting process… so that you can choose independently whether to work with me or not.

Creativity alone won’t give you profits or conversions

When you are running ads to scale your business… it’s pretty normal to feel overwhelmed and scared… especially when you are struggling to bring in new customers… even when… you have a good product/service.

During such phase… the most common instinct we get, is to create new types of ads, so that we can reach out to more people… but this is where most marketers get it wrong.

They think that if a particular ad is not working, then maybe they just need to change the hook or do some creativity to get more attention, and possibly more customers.

So does that always work?

Fuck no.

I can’t believe, how many marketers still today can’t digest the fact that…

Attention does not equal more sales.

It’s what happens AFTER grabbing the attention. Does the audience find it worth reading? Does the copy talk about an unique solution to the audience’s problem? Do they get an irresistible offer?

Most marketers never answer these questions, and they just try to be creative with hooks (whether words, images, or videos) without solving the underlying issue.

As a consequence… you lose money… plus, you end up shrinking your revenue and your overall business. In other words… you end up worse after hiring them. And now you have no idea what to do next.

So… what’s the real issue? And what’s the solution?

Creativity alone won’t give you profits or conversions

Having clarity is underrated

Whether it’s e-commerce, self-help, or any other niche… If you have absolute clarity about your marketplace, no one can really stop you (except yourself).

Look… at any given time in the market… there are always 4 types of customers.

  • 3% are ready to buy right now
  • 17% are thinking about buying, but want to gather more information
  • 20% are aware of their problems, but not sure what’s the right solution
  • 60% are NOT even aware they have an underlying problem

The tragedy is… your competitors are focusing only on the top 3% who are ready to buy right now. They are not even thinking about targeting the 17% and the 20% audience.

So, if you strategically target that untapped market… you will dominate.

However… the message you are using to target the 3%, won’t convert the 97% of the audience.

That’s why we use a proper sales funnel.

It’s not about using the latest software, or some cool marketing shit hack… but rather creating a strategic copywriting process that creates trust, authority, and drives conversions.

That’s how you can write high-converting copies, and successfully scale your business.

The only way you can achieve this… if you have clarity about your customers, competitors, offers, and your product.

Having clarity is underrated


A list of a few people I have worked with

Disclaimer: I worked with them when I was involved with Insane Marketers (a marketing agency)

Ankit Neerav

Life Coach

Project Details:
Getting participants for a 2-hour masterclass.

Work Delivered:
– Video Ads
– Sales Page

Sanjeev Kapoor

India's #1 celebrity chef

Project Details:
Selling various courses related to cooking, gut health, and how to start a food business

Work Delivered:
– Video Ads
– Image Ads
– Carousel Ads

Matjaz Jevsnik

Business Advisor and Transformational coach

Project Details:
Creating an email sequence to convert leads into customers 

Work Delivered:
– email copywriting

(He was NOT a client from Insane Marketers)

Meghana Malkan

High Performance Coach

Project Details:
Getting leads for one of her online workshops on creating a winner mindset

Work Delivered:
– Video Ads
– Image Ads
– Sales Page


1-1 Platform to Practice Speaking English with Experts

Project Details:
Getting leads and conversions for a 15-minute paid demo class

Work Delivered:
– Video Ads
– Image Ads
– Sales Page

Amandeep Thind

Trainer and Public Speaker

Project Details:
Bringing Leads for his online public speaking workshops

Work Delivered:
– Video Ads
– Image Ads
– Sales Page


All can be verified from my LinkedIn Recommendation Section

"He created an email sequence to warm up leads. It had very high open rates and made the connection with leads easier"

Ritambhar is an amazing person, who's highly active and persists in a hard environment to achieve his goals. I can not only speak of his high-quality products but also of his character, which makes him a person worthy of working with. He created an email sequence to warm up leads after dropping an email from a small purchase, that would get them to book a call. It had very high open rates and made the connection with leads easier. I would recommend anyone to work with Ritambhar, especially because he's improving his skills daily.

Matjaz Jevsnik
Transformational Coach | Soul Alchemist

"a quick learner who can pick up on anything"

Ritambhar is a quick learner who can pick up on anything. I'm pleased by his open and friendly personality. This helped a lot in meeting with customers and conducting interviews worldwide. BlockSurvey appreciates his efforts in developing case studies on our customers. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for a go-getter to hire him.

Wilson Bright
Co-Founder of Block Survey

"Made us a detailed client persona"

I met him over LinkedIn. we had an open and in-depth discussion about my business. Mr. Das made us a client persona which was really good. It has a lot of potential for my business to grow. Mr. Das is very professional about his work

Sristi Bhattacharya
Founder of Hairath

"a copywriter who not only understands your business needs but also has the skill to turn those needs into successful campaigns"

I highly recommend Ritambhar Das as an exceptional copywriter. His expertise in crafting compelling and effective copy is truly remarkable.

Ritambhar deeply understands what businesses require to achieve tangible results through their marketing efforts. With a keen eye for detail and a creative flair, he consistently delivers copy that not only resonates with the target audience but also drives engagement and conversions.

What sets Ritambhar apart is his ability to grasp the essence of a brand's message and translate it into words that captivate and persuade. His dedication to staying updated with industry trends and consumer behavior ensures his copy remains relevant and impactful. Whether it's website content, social media campaigns, or marketing materials, Ritambhar's work consistently reflects his passion for his craft and his commitment to achieving exceptional client outcomes.

Having worked closely with Ritambhar, I can attest to his professionalism, reliability, and collaborative nature. He is a pleasure to work with, always open to feedback, and willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of a project.

If you're seeking a copywriter who not only understands your business needs but also has the skill to turn those needs into successful campaigns, Ritambhar Das is the copywriter you can trust. His track record speaks volumes about his capabilities, and I have no doubt that he will continue to excel in delivering top-notch copywriting services.

Nitesh Kumar Yadav
Video Editor
Motion Graphics Artist

(my colleague at Insane Marketers)

"a tremendous asset to any company or brand"

I highly recommend Ritambhar as a marketer. He has excellent research, communication, and presentation skill. His strong suit is marketing and I must say every organization would be happy to have him as he would be a tremendous asset to any company or brand.

Rishav Raj
Social Media Marketer

Ignite Growth. Inspire Change

3 ways we help you scale your business and create more positive impact in the world

Have intimate clarity about your target audience

Let’s be honest… Your business doesn’t exist without your customers. It can’t. And unless you really understand them to the core… it’s impossible to persuade them with written copies.

That’s why we go beyond the usual demographics, and deeply understand their pain, problems, fears, frustrations, goals, needs, desires, interests, and behaviors.

Get conversion-driven messages in your brand voice

Whether it’s ads, emails, sales page, or any other piece of copy you share on the internet… They are an extension of you. They are speaking to your target audience when you are maybe in a restaurant with your family.

That’s why we focus on writing conversion-driven copies, that sounds exactly the way you speak… so that your audience can feel your presence.

Create irresistible offers that your audience can’t say no

An irressistible offer is one of the most important tipping point of your marketing funnel. It decides whether a person living 3000 miles at other side of the planet, would swipe their credit card for you or not.

This is where majority of businesses fail. But NOT us. We help your create offers, that your target audience would feel stupid if they say no.

Here's how I write high-converting copies

For the first time... I am disclosing my 7 steps copywriting process

99% of Copywriters might complete only step 2 (most don't even do that)... and jump directly into step 7

Product Research

It’s really unfortunate that no one really talks about this.

Before I write a single word on our copy… it’s absolutely critical to know what exactly am I selling. Is it a course? Webinar? Consultation? Physical Product? What is it?

And most importantly… how exactly it helps your customers? What’s your USP?

As the business owner, you might have those answers… but if your team (including copywriters, media buyers, and graphic designers) doesn’t have that clarity… they will all run in different directions, and no one would be able to agree on anything.

As a consequence… you will keep losing money despite having a talented team. But if you have done your product research (in writing), not only it will give your team clarity, but also help them move in one direction… which would ultimately help you scale your business.

Customer Avatar Creation

After you have understood your product, now it’s time to figure out… who exactly you can sell your products/services to.

This goes beyond basic demographic information, like… age, gender, and location. You need to get intimate knowledge about your target audience.

Like, what’s really bothering her? What gets her excited? What does she do in her free time? What’s her fantasy? Does she take care of their health? What’s her deepest desire? How does she usually spend her day?

Getting answers to all these type of questions, gives you clarity on what really goes inside her head. Once you understand that… you won’t have any issues writing copies that convert.

Competitor Analysis

Next, we need to figure out… what other alternatives your target audience has, in case they don’t purchase from you.

Because look… No matter what you are selling, or which industry you are in… you are not alone in the market. And if you really want your business to stand apart… you have to understand your competitors and keep a tab on what they are missing.

By the way… I am not ONLY talking about your direct competitors, like Nikon Vs Cannon… they are present… but also about your indirect competitors.

E.g… if you are selling a workout program, your direct competitors are… other workout trainers, local gyms, free YouTube videos, etc. But your indirect competitors are… Mcdonald’s, Netflix, Porn, Cat videos, etc.

By doing competitor analysis… you can write copies that educate your target audience, and it gives you an edge over your competitors.

Strategise Marketing Funnel

By completing the 3 steps before… you have acquired your tools and weapons before you enter the battlefield (the market).

Now, you need to strategize before moving forward… otherwise you will lose (only a fool charge into the battlefield/marketplace without any strategy, and fantasize about winning).

You see… There are 4 pillars of any marketing funnel…

  • Traffic
  • Leads
  • Conversion
  • Retention

What’s interesting is… one cannot be solved before another. However, most entrepreneurs make the mistake of skipping the steps.

Like… they worry about getting conversions when in reality they need to work on getting more traffic. 

So, before writing any copy, it’s absolutely critical to plan ahead the objectives of writing… otherwise, it’s impossible to create a profitable marketing funnel.

Craft Irresistible Offer

I have mentioned this before… your offer is one of the most important components of your marketing funnel. It’s way more important than your design and copy combined.

Because this is the last obstacle your target audience needs to overcome before they can purchase from you.

And as the business owner… it’s your job to help them move through that obstacle, by communicating the value your product/service offers.

Your irresistible offer = Product/service + value

Most businesses have weak offers… which means it can be easily rejected.

On the other hand… an irresistible offer leaves your target audience no choice, but to take action right now, otherwise they would feel stupid within.

Establish Your Brand Voice

Next is… determine how your audience feels when they hear about your brand.

A brand voice is the voice and the personality that represents your brand. And it’s important to make sure that it is consistent. Because people buy from companies who value with their brand consistency.

It’s not necessary to go deep into this initially… but before writing any copy, we need to establish 4 things about your brand voice.

  • Your Business Existence – When, why, and how you started your business?
  • Your purpose – What do you do and why? Who do you serve?
  • Visual Identity – How does your business look and feel?
  • Connection – What’s the tone of your brand while communicating with your audience?

Completing this step not only helps the copywriter to write consistent messages… but it also helps the graphic designer, the media buyer, and the entire team to work together in collaboration.

Finalize High-Converting Copies

Finally… it’s time to write the copies.

Now it’s important to note that, no matter how good your research or strategy is… if you fail to communicate effectively with your audience with your words… everything else goes to shit.

You must write your copy that grabs attention, speaks clearly to your audience, creates intrigue for your product/service, and influences them to take action.

In simple words… they must read your copy. Because… if they are not reading… they are surely NOT buying.

That’s why we are going to apply all the persuasion techniques and copywriting formulas to write copies that connect, convert, and scale your business.

About Rick

I will never forget the day when I almost said NO to a free physical workshop on digital marketing (back in 2019)… But I am glad that I went there anyway.

After the workshop, I enrolled in their course… and 2 months into the program… I fell in love with copywriting. The ability to persuade someone with written words was beyond fascinating (I was following Dan as well at this point).

And then 2 years later (in 2021)… one thing led to another (really don’t wanna speak about what happened within those 2 years), I got a job invitation from a reputed marketing agency… Insane Marketers.

From there, I started working with the top 1% of coaches and consultants in India in the personal development niche… to scale their business. I have written ads that spent more than $100,000.

But long story short… I didn’t have much freedom, especially on the marketing funnel and the strategy.

So I left that full-time job in mid 2023… and made it my mission… to revolutionize the lazy and outdated marketing practices that are destroying good businesses, and replace it with conversion-driven marketing strategies and write high-converting copies that are based on deep research, proper planning, and solid foundation.

My mentors

People Who Taught Me Copywriting

Dan Lok

King of High-Ticket Sales + Venture Capitalist

Dan was the first person who made me aware of the word “copywriting.” Before that, I didn’t know shit.

And not only he taught me the skills (through his courses & programs)… but he taught me something more than that.

He permanently changed my mindset… made me think like a self-made millionaire.

Courses Purchased from him…

  • Email Copywriting
  • Paid Ads
  • Web Copy
  • Copywriting Secrets
  • Marketing
  • Unlock The Millionaire Within
  • The Smart Challenge

Alex Cattoni

Copywriter and Founder of The Copy Posse

Alex is one of the most humble and talented person I have ever met. She has dedicated her brand… The Copy Posse… to help every single beginner copywriter to start earning with written words.

Even today… I revisit her YouTube videos whenever I get stuck.

I kid you not… She is the first person, from whom I purchased a course… and it was worth every penny.

Courses Purchased from her…

  • 5 Days Write and Ignite Challenge (Sales Page writing course)
  • The Posse Eye Challenge (Brand Voice creation course)

Amar Krishna Jha

Marketer and Direct Response Copywriter

I call him Amar sir… and I will keep addressing him as a sir as long as I am alive.

Because, he is the first person, who went above and beyond to personally mentor me… so that I could become a better copywriter. Not only he stopped me from making dumb mistakes… but he supported and believed in me during my darkest moments.

Without him, I would have given up on my career.

Courses Purchased from him

  • 1 on 1 mentorship for a year
  • Brewing copy guide
  • AI playbook

Can we work together?

Because… I work with very selected people.

There are 5 reasonable criteria (2 non-negotiables) you need to have before we start working as partners… otherwise, we will both waste each other’s time. 

  1. You should be in the “e-commerce” or “self-help” niche
  2. You should be already making money from your business (non-negotiable)
  3. You should have a good product/service that delivers what it promises (non-negotiable)
  4. You should have a marketing budget of at least $10K for the next 3 months
  5. You should have an email list of 3000+ subscribers (not a purchased list)

Unlike most marketing agencies… I won’t start the project by wasting your money by running some random ads, in the name of “Testing.”

Rather… I will first fix your existing funnel, by tweaking your offer that would bring maximum conversion from your target audience… only after that… I will go deep into creating new content (ads, emails, or sales page).

If that seems good to go…

Why 7-Step Copywriting Process?

The answer might surprize you

In a world of lazy, ineffective, and stupid marketing practices, that are destroying good businesses… I am on a mission to revolutionize modern marketing with my 7-Step Copywriting Process.

I strongly believe that… If you are offering products/services that are improving lives, and creating a real impact on your customers… you should never worry about getting conversions or running out of business. I understand the pain and the anxiety of every business owner who are losing money on paid ads, and despite their best efforts, they are still not making enough profits.

That’s why I have created my 7-Step Copywriting Process. It’s a rare copywriting blueprint that provides clarity, boosts conversions, and is super easy to implement.

I create marketing and copywriting strategies that are based on intense research and raw data, which helps coaches/business owners make informed decisions, allows media buyers to create excellent strategies, and helps other copywriters produce high-converting copies… rather than shooting arrows in the dark.

I aim to transform impactful coaches and business owners into market leaders.

Let’s create a better world together.

Here’s how I can help you as a copywriter…

  1. Craft copy that emotionally resonates with the target audience

  2. Create irresistible offers that your audience can’t say no to

  3. Do complete product and Competitor research to eliminate the guesswork

  4. Create a detailed customer avatar (going beyond the usual demographics)

  5. Increase the probability of converting leads into paying customers, with high-converting funnels

  6. Get lifetime access to exclusive templates that will help your team move together in one direction
    • Product Research Template
    • Customer Avatar Template
    • Competitor Research Template
    • Irresistible Offer Creation Template
  1. Establish your Brand Voice to create consistent messaging across all platforms

  2. Write high-converting copies using storytelling and proven persuasion techniques

  3. Finally… you will be working with a guy, who will act like a partner (NOT like a contractor), and treat your business like his own business

My Offer + Guarantee

Dear Friend

If my copy (ads, emails, and sales page) doesn't provide you results within 3 months... I will work for free until you start making profits

(Proof Of Guarantee)

Starter Plan

Plan Includes…

  • Product Analysis: To bring clarity to the entire team
  • Detailed Customer Avatar: No more shooting arrows in the dark
  • Competitor Analysis: To help you stand out in the market
  • Irresistible Offer Creation: So that your ideal customers can’t say no

30 Days (4 weeks)

Disclaimer: Writing copy is NOT included in this plan

Professional Plan

Plan Includes…

  • Everything in the Starter Plan
  • Detailed Brand Voice Manifesto for your company
  • Ads: Ad copy, Video Ads, Image Ads, Carousel Ads
  • Email Copywriting: Email writing + Strategising + Delivering
  • Sales Page: Writing + Designing

At least 3 Months (12 weeks)

The prices will be revealed after the discovery call

Best if you attend with a glass of wine or tea (I prefer green tea) 😄

It would be a 30-minute friendly conversation, where I would love to know about your business, your target audience, and your  requirements.

Plus share you a proven marketing strategy, that is guaranteed to provide you results.

Contact me if you have any queries

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Your nickname/ firstname/ Mr./Mrs./Miss lastname/ or anything else
Please let me know in detail how can I help you.


The Starter plan includes 4 exclusive templates…

  • Product Research Template
  • Customer Avatar Template
  • Competitor Analysis Template
  • Irresistible Offer Creation Template

These are absolutely critical to fill up in order to write high-converting copies. This is commonly known as the research, before writing the copy.

If you purchase this plan… I won’t write copies for you… however, I will complete these templates, so that your team members won’t have to spend time on deep research… and help them move in one direction.

In simple words… I will do the copywriting research for you… if you purchase it.

And yes… it’s a one-time time payment.
No obligation for monthly payment

Yes I can… but I won’t.

There are 2 reasons why…

  1. It’s frustrating and takes a lot of energy
  2. If the copy doesn’t convert, I won’t have any clue what went wrong, and what to do next.

As a consequence… you will incur losses, you will lose your money, and your business will suffer

I am not your usual write-and-forget copywriter. I write with the intention to drive conversions and help you scale your business. So, in order to provide you results, I need 3 months. If you’re still unsure… you can choose the starter plan.

If you want me to assist you in the funnel structure… I would gladly do that.

However… If you want me to create an ad campaign from scratch, and provide you data and projections… I don’t do that right now.

No. I am focused on writing copies that converts… doesn’t matter if it’s SEO friendly or not.

If you are selling something that has a hungry market, and your product/service delivers what you promise… we can work together. However… since I have been involved in the “personal development” niche for a long time… I would give it 1st priority.

I would help you create a lead magnet, and a funnel structure to bring email subscribers.

Absolutely NO.

Doesn’t matter from where you have purchased it. Because unless people have willingly subscribed to your emails… they won’t read them… And neither they would buy. And in most cases… they would mark your emails as spam, which would negatively affect your domain and email delivery.

Yes I do. However… I don’t provide that as a service. I only write them for my copywriting business.

Let’s hope it never comes to that.

If you have a product/service that delivers what it promises, has a hungry market, you have done your research, and finally created your irresistible offer… then it’s almost impossible that you won’t make profits. But still… if you don’t… I will work for free until you start making profits.

Unlike most marketing agencies… I won’t start the project by wasting your money by running some random ads, in the name of “Testing.” Or start writing copy right away.

Rather… I will first fix your existing funnel, by tweaking your offer that would bring maximum conversion from your target audience… only after that… I will go deep into creating new content (ads, emails, or sales page).

Yes, I will send you a digitally signed copy of our contract. Only after you sign it… I will send you the invoice (through Paypal)

If you are purchasing the “starter plan,” you need to make 50% of the payment in the beginning… and the rest after the work is delivered.

If you are purchasing the “professional plan” you need to make the full payment of the 1st month before I start the project… and in the next 2 months remaining… within 40 days after the previous payment.

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